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Save Time and Money With These 3 Steps to Finding Your Vancouver Home

Starting the home buying process can often feel overwhelming.  With numerous home options, getting financing, and dealing with the inevitable home inspections there are a good number of items that need to be crossed off your list before you can open the doors to your new “home”.

By the time you have focused your search on a particular city, such as Point Grey, there are key items you can cross off your list to make the process easy, saving you time and money.  We invite you to consider the following to make your search for real estate in Vancouver an experience that you will enjoy repeating when you want that larger home.

  1. Identify a Subdivision – Vancouver has many all kinds of housing options to offer.  From bustling downtown, to serene living in Point Grey. To save yourself valuable time, identify a area that has the best possible homes for your goals.  Through searching on the internet, asking friends, and even asking the advice of your agent you can find an area that will have homes matching your budget and living needs.

  2. Specific Requirements – Write down your goals beyond just “bedrooms and bathrooms”.  When I meet with buyers, I ask nearly 40 different questions about what type of property they are looking for.  Even before you meet with an agent consider writing down your needs/goals that include everything from size of backyard, number of car garage to even the type of architecture.  The most specific your requirements the fewer homes you will have to look at.  After all, who wants to visit 10 properties that don’t meet their goals?

  3. Loan Programs – Even with the most recent loan changes there are still a number of different loans available.  There are still programs that offer lower down payment requirements (like 3-5%) and even some that provide buyer assistance.  Consider doing online research about what is available even before meeting with a lender.

Find your Point Grey Home or a home in greater Vancouver can be easier when you identify a subdivision, have a list of requirements, and look for loan programs that are best for you.  Get the list of Vancouver homes and more today when you request our innovative hot list.

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